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Room addition

A great addition will not only provide the functionality you are looking for, but can have a huge impact on the beauty and curb appeal of your home. The transformation can be amazing! Having completed hundreds of remodels and with a well-defined process to make the experience as seamless as possible, you can count on the designer in Master handyman llc to get you on the right track. Jmaster Handyman provides best work for room addition in Northern Virginia, You may contact to get information about required permissions. We have better resources to make this work easy. From beginning to end, you will see our attention to every minor detail. We believe in fast processing of work but not on the cost of designs. Our focus remains on completion of work with best quality.

Types of room additions 

There are a variety of available home additions available to you. Some of your options include:

  • Second Floor Addition: If you want to nearly double your living space, consider adding a second floor to your home. We can help you configure your layout and discuss additional structural requirements, and build you a second floor that looks like it has always been part of your home’s design.

  • Additional Rooms: Whether you want to create a master suite or expand the size of your kitchen, we can help you construction a home addition that is seamlessly incorporated with the rest of your property. We work with you to figure out the correct permits and to ensure that your home’s electricity, plumbing, and wiring are all updated to accommodate your new space.

  • Outdoor Living Space: Building a deck, outdoor kitchen, Patios or living area onto your home can add a beautiful, simple entertaining space that can be used in a variety of ways. Our professional team can easily install a high-quality, visually appealing outdoor space onto your home.

And so much more! When it comes to customizing your home, your options are practically endless. A skilled home remodeling contractor can help you design and construct nearly any home addition that you want!

When you choose us as your home addition contractor and construction company, we’ll start the process with a FREE in-home consultation, which comes with a complete design at no cost to you. We want you to be comfortable with the idea of using us, which is why we go over all your home addition options and show you our design before you ever sign a contractor.

If you decide to use us, we’ll finalize your design with you, including going over your budget, your schedule, the materials we are going to be using, and any additional details or questions you might have. Once you are completely satisfied, we’ll go over all the paperwork. You’ll meet our on-site project manager, and we’ll discuss the construction schedule, the doors you want us to use, and more.

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